What is a party competition without rules?  And this one has plenty.  So many that some may be missed on this page.  Still, it should give you a starting point.  Any questions?  Ask!


1. Ingredient Selection Rules:

  • The ingredients you pick for your opponents must be available in the Portland metro area on the day before the event (or I’ll call you and make you get it!).
  • They must also be ingredients and not a prepared item (e.g. chicken, not hot chicken strips from a deli).  Most anything on a grocery store’s shelf is acceptable, though (Hamburger Helper is acceptable, “hamburger casserole” is not because it requires preparation to become that).
  • You also are not allowed to pick an ingredient that was used in either of the prior two years.  If you need a refresher of what was used in the past two years – look at the recaps at the top of this page.

2. You must use the three ingredients given to you in your dish.  These ingredients will be given to you about one week before the night of the event.

3. You may win extra prizes or have a chance at winning judges’ pick if you use the bonus ingredient presented to you the night of the event.

4. Each competitor should bring one dessert ingredient with them for the dessert round.

5. You are allowed to do any preparation you want for your dish before you arrive except on the required three ingredients.  You may not use any part of the required ingredients prior to arriving, even if you add more at the event.  You will be provided the required ingredients at the event.

6. If you want to ask for or provide any clarification for ingredients or anything to do with your entry into the competition, please do.  If you don’t, you will be at Ryan’s mercy for ingredients and anything else that may be questionable.

7. No complaining about the ingredients you get!  No trading, either.

8. You may bring any tools with you that you want to use.  I only guarantee that I have what you ask me to guarantee.

9. Each team gets 45 minutes for their initial entry, 30 minutes for dessert.

10. Make us something good to eat!