2012 was the year of things from the sea.  Not everyone was blessed with being required to use something from the sea . . . come to think of it, the only two teams that didn’t get a seafood were the teams that went to the finals.  Suspicious indeed.

No major changes this year; a little tweaking maybe, but not a lot of changes.  Voting moved online (2013 moves kind of to this website!).  Since the world ended shortly after this year’s Chef-Off, everyone got an apocalypse ingredient to cook with.  The third ingredient listed for everyone is their assigned apocalypse ingredient.

JaeAnn & Donna on appetizer: Shredded coconut, watermelon & canned smoked oysters.  Bonus: Creamed corn
JaeAnn & Donna made a trio of dips (Watermelon salsa, smoked oyster dip & pesto mayo dip): Recipe

Tim & Temple on appetizer: Granny Smith apples, pickled herring & preserved lemons.  Bonus: Creamed corn
Tim & Temple made a ceviche: Recipe

Victoria & Brian (with a Scott assistant) on entrée: Baby octopus, shrimp & Chunky Jif Peanut Butter.  Bonus: Creamed corn
Victoria & Brian made Asian stir-fry: Recipe

Suzanne & Jill on entrée: Quince, black licorice & pesto in a jar.  Bonus: Creamed corn
Suzanne & Jill made a dessert qualifying annulotti with foccacia bread: Recipe

Jason & David on entrée: Grapes, hand of Buddha & Chef Boyardee Mini Beef Raviolis with Meatballs.  Bonus: Creamed corn (see a trend here?)
Jason & David made the other dessert qualifying entrée – it was tasty: Recipe

For dessert:

Jason & David made fruit rollup wrapped whipped cream and fruit.

Suzanne & Jill made a sweet pie crisp and WON.



JaeAnn & Donna's Appetizer
JaeAnn & Donna’s Appetizer


Tim & Temple's Appetizer
Tim & Temple’s Appetizer


Victoria & Brian's Entrée
Victoria & Brian’s Entrée
Suzanne & Jill's Entrée
Suzanne & Jill’s Entrée
David & Jason's Entrée
David & Jason’s Entrée
Jason & David's Dessert
Jason & David’s Dessert
Suzanne & Jill's Dessert
Suzanne & Jill’s Dessert