2011 moved Chef-Off from the condo to the house.  A bigger kitchen doesn’t seem to hurt, but the next house purchase may keep Chef-Off more specifically in mind (two ovens, two stoves, two everything, right?).

Another year more successful than the last.  Yet another change to the plan.  Dessert was moved to a bonus round between crowd favorite and judge’s favorite.  I now realize that this may have been a mistake, since I have to recall seven dishes instead of just five!  No, two winners is always better than one, though only one gets their name on the apron.

Here were the teams and their ingredients:

David & Jason on appetizer: Fuyu persimmons, canned creamed corn & lychee.  Bonus: Maple syrup
David & Jason made “nachos”: Recipe

Noah on appetizer: Bittersweet chocolate, chayote squash & wasabi.  Bonus: Doritos
Noah made a dessert qualifying dish, a wasabi, bacon, chocolate topped cracker: Recipe

Suzanne & Todd on entrée: Guava nectar, cabbage & quinoa.  Bonus: Plantains
Suzanne & Todd made something tasty: Recipe

Tim & Temple on entrée: Okra, mustard greens & Branston pickle.  Bonus: Whiskey
Tim & Temple made the other dessert qualifying dish: Recipe

Victoria on entrée: Caramel candy, spam & barley.  Bonus: Peppadew peppers
Victoria made a spam & barley spinach salad with a caramel dressing: Recipe

For dessert:

Temple & Tim made peaches and fruit roll-up syrup with whipped cream and currants.

Noah made Lucky Charms bird nests and WON.

Jason & David's Appetizer
Jason & David’s Appetizer
Noah's Appetizer
Noah’s Appetizer

Tim & Temple's Entree - or what's left of it.
Tim & Temple’s Entree – or what’s left of it.
Suzanne & Todd's entree - unfortunately the only picture I could find
Suzanne & Todd’s entree – unfortunately the only picture I could find
Victoria's Entree
Victoria’s Entree
Tim & Temple's Dessert
Tim & Temple’s Dessert
Noah's Dessert
Noah’s Dessert