It was year two and there was so much to be learned from year one.  Was it learned, though?

Some, but does it matter?  We’re here to have fun, and fun was still had!

This was the first year that the coveted winner’s apron was handed out (though Victoria & Brian still got theirs from the year before), time limits were enforced, prep was allowed ahead of time (as it continues to be as long as you don’t touch your required ingredients!) and, most importantly, YOU bring all other ingredients or tell me what you need ahead of time.  As I write about this (in October 2013), I know I still have some ingredients from 2009 around here somewhere.  It turned out no one decided to use the clam juice I bought, for example.

Here were the teams and their ingredients:

Brian & Victoria on appetizer: Krab, chipotle & rutabaga. Bonus: Thai eggplant
Brian & Victoria made a dual appetizer of potstickers and rutabaga with chutney: Recipe

Jason T & David on appetizer: Beets, portobello mushrooms & corn flakes. Bonus: Thai eggplant
Jason & David made grilled portobello, prune chutney, roasted beets, gorgonzola and corn flakes: Recipe

Suzanne & Todd on entrée: Yucca foot, peppadew peppers & maple syrup. Bonus: Sweet hot chili sauce
Suzanne & Todd made the WINNING dish, a modern BLT: Recipe

Temple & Tim on entrée: Doritos, nutmeg & filo dough. Bonus: Mango
Temple & Tim made a Moroccan layered baklava thing (did it have a name?  Sorry!): Recipe

Ryan & Jason W on dessert: Plantains, Best Foods mayonnaise (yes, the brand seemed to matter) & whiskey. Bonus: Pop Tarts
Ryan & Jason W made grilled plantains with something sweet.  I don’t really remember at this point.


Brian & Victoria's Appetizer
Brian & Victoria’s Appetizer
Jason & David's Appetizer
Jason & David’s Appetizer
Suzanne & Todd's Entree
Suzanne & Todd’s Entree
Temple & Tim's Entree
Temple & Tim’s Entree
Jason & Ryan's Dessert
Jason & Ryan’s Dessert