The inaugural Chef-Off was an exciting experiment that was a wonderful learning experience for all involved, at least for Ryan.

Lesson #1: Give the chefs time limits (I’m looking at you, Victoria and Brian).

Lesson #2: This is a lot of work, but well worth it!

Lesson #3: That work means that Ryan probably shouldn’t cook (a lesson not learned until two years later).

Lesson #4: Providing every possible pantry ingredient necessary means that there will be a lot of food left over for Ryan and Tim to try and eat for years to come.

Here were the teams and their ingredients:

JaeAnn on appetizer: Mushrooms, Krab and tofu
JaeAnn made stuffed mushrooms: Recipe

Victoria and Brian on appetizer: Mango, figs and Japanese eggplant
Victoria and Brian made the WINNING dish, kebabs: Recipe

Tim P on entree: Crab legs and claws, tabouli and sweet hot chili sauce
Tim made crab cakes: Recipe

Jason & Jason on dessert: Avocado, canned pumpkin and banana
Jason & Jason made nuclear cupcakes: Recipe

Ryan & Tim F on dessert: Marshmallow creme, oatmeal and Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Pop Tarts
Ryan & Tim F made marshmallow ice cream with oatmeal crumble: Recipe14438_1272120323656_5672326_n 14438_1272120803668_709379_n 14439_194351421947_6647540_n 14438_1272120803668_709379_n-1 14438_1272120523661_3641653_n